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Yep zac efron dressed up as Corbin bleu (chad from hsm) for Halloween and did black face :((( but apparently Corbin tore him to shreds for it which is good at least



I’ve met some pricks in my time but you are the fucking cactus.

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Alcohol vs marijuana
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[image description] Alligator Bait Alligator hunting was very profitable in the 1800’s-1900’s. The skins were used to make shoes, bags, belts and other items. However, white hunters often lost their arms and sometimes their lives as they rustled the swampy waters at night attempting to attract alligators to the surface, so they decided to use slave babies as bait. This horrendous act was later characterized in sheet music, post cards and figurines, years later, a candy manufacturer of black licorice drops created a distasteful advertisement that featured a hungry looking alligator leering at a bug-eyed Black Baby. The ad read: A dainty little morsel” For decades, the popular candy was referred to as “nigger babies”. The name was later changed to “nibs” and is still on the market today. Lest we forget Black Holocaust Museum

Beautiful Black babies used as alligator bait.. I had heard about it but reading this hurts my soul to the core. Im speechless.
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white people are like “why don’t you live in India” and I’m just thinking why don’t you live in 12.5% Germany 25% England 25% Australia 6.25% Sweden 18.75% Russia and 12.5% Italy??????



british people will jump through their own assholes to describe the differences between accents but then refer to Africa like it’s one country.


The NYPD Has A Long History Of Killing Unarmed Black Men



Eric Garner was a 43-year-old father of six and grandfather of two. The tall, 400-pound man, who was known around his Staten Island neighborhood as a “gentle giant” nicknamed “Big E,” was approached Thursday outside a New York City store by a group of NYPD officers who…

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Zara Top, Pants, & Sandals, Louis Vuitton Pouch
Nichole, Washington, DC

Black Girls Killing It Shop BGKI NOW
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♛Queen of Glam
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"Never dull your shine for somebody else" Tyra Banks ~ #confidence #goodmorning #naturalhair #napptural #nature #fitbody #fitnaturals #ootd #kinks
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Method Man though.
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